Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hate! :: Stop hating on ANY and EVERYTHING. This goes for artist, blogs, and anybody else. Its one thing to give an opinion but its another to hate on ones effort. If I hear Wale is not from D.C. one more time, I might shoot myself...

Love? :: Also, its one thing to like or love something, and its one thing to dick ride. In 09 lets look at the quality instead of the brand. Just because it does one thing well, doesn't mean everything it does will be as good.

Controversy :: I have never seen so much controversy amongst unsigned artist, producers, etc. in my life. How can you manage to up your game and create drama as well. We all know controversy sells but please don't be the one to sell it, cause essentially your selling yourself or your product short. Politics is bullshit, please stop living by it.

To Many Chiefs, and Not Enough Indians :: Everybody wants to lead and not follow. Just because YOU have an opinion, doesn't mean its fact. Sit back and chill...stop letting your arrogance write your script. We must all work together in order to get where we want. If you not one with those in your circle, how can you grow?

Blogs :: Aside from Goadometalk.com and a few others I hate them lol. Nobody is branding itself. In order to get your name out their you have to think outside the norm. Facebook, Myspace, and Blogger is not going to get it in 09. Be creative, and establish SOMETHING, to help establish YOU!

Progression :: Since I began closely monitoring the D.M.V. movement in late 07, early 08 I have seen many artist, producers, execs etc. progress tremendously. Shit, even I have made moves in the game! It seems now, more than ever Hip-Hop in the D.M.V. is notable and although it is still overlooked, its presence is strong. Artist like Tabi, Wale, and Marky made strides of course...but people like RatheMc, Lyriciss, X.O., A.B. the Pro also made noise in 2008. The best is yet to come...

Wale :: "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't" - Jay-Z, and say what you want about homie, but is fanbase is tremedous. The support he recieves from industry cats is even more spectacular. He had one of the hottest mixtapes/albums of the year nationally and one of the greatest mixtapes EVER! This isnt my opinion, these beliefs are scattered out all over the internet, trust me! But anyway, with no ALBUM IN STORES, NO POSTERS ON MINNESOTA AVENUE, NO RADIO PLUGS OR 30 SECOND CIRCUIT CITY COMMERCIALS IN BETWEEN BET PROGRAMMING, Wale managed to make the cover of XXL, make a video with super producer Chris Robinson (which is featured on MTV), tour overseas with the likes of Jay-Z, and Mark Ronson, bring UCB and essentially Go-Go to the forefront of music thriughout the world...etc etc etc. Without dick riding I can go on for days, trust me. Wale keep it up man!

Blogs :: WOW! Even though I named it the worst blogging has also made the game a lot of fun. Local rappers, dj's, producers and still average people like myself blogging hard...Who knew "Goadometalk.blogspot.com" would reach the masses of not only the D.M.V. but the entire Nation. We get mail from bammas out Kansas...But on a serious note, I enjoy blogging on my website and I enjoy everyone else's blogs. Wat up FTDMVO, Hustlers and Mambo Sauce.

Goadometalk.com :: Aside from the rest of the sites/blogs, Goadometalk.com is the best of the D.M.V. ACCORDING TO Goadometalk.com. Yea, that's right lol. Its about time we toot are own horn a little bit, everybody else got a chance to do it lol. We give a lot back to the D.M.V. and most times receive NOTHING back in return. Unfortunately though, that's our job...and WE LOVE IT! We initially started by giving an outlet to local artist on the come up, but after that scheme become overly used we gave more! Now on GT you see outlets for clothing lines, other blogs, local news, events, parties, AND music! We did our thing in 08, and we did it without the usual...Hype, Local Celebrities, and Controversy...However, we are always open to those same things lol. Just joking...

You :: You made the D.M.V. the best in the year 2008!

*Thoughts are strictly based on "The Mind of Major"
coming early 09' lol

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